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About Peter

Peter is one of the nicest people you will meet. His enthusiastic approach to dirt bike riding and towards the riding community is well known. His teaching and coaching techniques are designed around your goals and safety in mind.


Riding History

Story Begins
Peter starts riding with a three wheeler

I was born in Germany to an American father  (U.S. Air Force) and a German mother.  In the early 1900's, my mother's side of the family, The Masmanns, ran a pub, bicycle shop, motorcycle dealership (BMW & NSU), bus company, trucking company, and repair garage.  This was all from one house and workshop!  In later years, the workshop, or "Werkstatt", moved off site and became a Daimler-Benz dealership which is still in operation.  I would hang out and work there during summer vacations.

I've been obsessed with two wheeled things my whole life.  Back in the day, we wore Lederhosen because they were tough, traditional attire, and basically kid proof.  You could say I was wearing leathers long before my time doing track days and road racing.  Haha!


My First Time Riding A Motorcycle

Lacey Wilson's ranch in Virginia.  My first time riding a motorcycle.   Honda XL100.  My grandfather is standing next to me.  

He taught me how to ride this beautiful machine and I didn't drop it once.  Until this point, I had a beat up BMX bike that someone gave me to fix up and ride.  I would ride it in the woods and pretend it was a dirt bike.  My grandparents, "Omi und Opi", were visiting from Germany.  My grandfather, Otto Masmann, owned a driving school called Fahrschule Masmann.  He taught for all classes of motorcycles, trucks, and automobiles.  

When back in Germany, I would sit in his classroom and absorb everything I could.  For as long as I can remember, he took me to the world famous Nürgurgring to see Motorcycle GP and Formula 1 GP racing.  He also took me to watch motocross at the "Heißen Stein" in Reil on the Mosel river.  This was the heyday of early MX.  Some of the big name brands were CZ, Maico, Jawa, Greeves, Husqvarna, Bultaco, Penton, & Hodaka.  They even had sidecar motocross. That was crazy!


Bought My First Motorcycle

Bought my first motorcycle. 1978 Kawasaki KZ650.  I was a bicycle courier in Washington DC.  When my bicycle was stolen, I switched to the KZ and became a motorcycle courier.  That was dangerous work.  I quickly learned how to read traffic pretty well.  Call it self preservation.  Sorry, no pictures.  There wasn't time for that.


The Start Of My Road Touring Adventures

Bought a 1975 BMW R90S.  This was the start of my road touring adventures.  From Daytona bike week to Austin, Texas and beyond.  I put about 300,000 miles on that bike.

A few years later, I bought a very beat up Honda XL200, fixed it up,  and started riding on dirt wherever I could find it. I finally had a dirt bike!


Continued To Tour And Ride Off Road

Moved to Austin, Texas with the BMW and the little Honda.  Continued to tour and ride off road.


More Europe Road Touring

Did some touring through Germany, Luxembourg, and Belgium on a BMW GS1100.  Discovered how amazing heated grips are in cold rainy weather.


Fell In Love With Enduro

Bought a 1976 Suzuki TS185 and a 1987 Suzuki SP200.  The 200 four stroke was my commuter and the 185 two stroke was my trail bike.  This was the first bike I ever jumped and learned to ride hard terrain on. It had 6 inches of suspension travel, no suspension damping to speak of, a steel gas tank, lights, mirrors, blinkers, and drum brakes.  I learned that with proper technique, you can take almost any bike just about anywhere.


Moab Is Amazing!

Bought a very beat up and not running 1987 Honda XR250R.

After I fixed it up, my friends took me on my first trip of many to Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico.  And yes….Moab is amazing!


Modern Age Of Dirt Riding Begins

Bought a 2003 Yamaha WR250F and stepped into the modern age.

Started doing track days on big bikes and roadracing small bikes.  It's fast and fun, but wearing leathers in over 100 degree weather is not for the faint of heart!


South Africa Touring

Dirt bike trip in South Africa and Swaziland.  The trip I will never forget.  We shipped two Yamahas and two KTMs to Johannesburg and spent a week exploring far away lands.  Made great memories with new friends.  Capetown legend, George Booker, was wearing the first prototype neck brace from Dr Leatt after having a bad crash during the Roof of Africa hard enduro race in Lesotho.

Spent the next few years racing some hare scrambles and enduros.



Started getting into trials.  This marks the pivotal point in my riding improving.  I've been enamoured watching trails riders since I was a boy in Germany and always wanted to do it.   It's been popular in Europe for a long time, but has been relatively underground in America until the emergence of hard enduro.  Most professional hard enduro riders have a background in trials.


I Got Thrown Into Doing Something I Love

I've been passing on riding tips for as long as I can remember.  I've also been given riding tips from others for just as long.  After many years of people I meet on the trail teling me I should teach, I finally made the decision to do it.  As I was brainstorming on where to start, how to structure the courses, and figuring out what to teach, people started calling. With the help and guidance from friends and family, I'm following in the footsteps of the man who taught me how to ride a motorcycle.



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