This course will prepare you for an Enduro race.

It builds on the Hare Scramble course and incorporates techniques needed to handle common obstacles and difficult terrain found in most enduros.

Training with Peter will also help you understand how different race formats work and how to prep for your first race. 



Are you planning to race a hard enduro or want to be able to handle anything Moab throws at you?  Is 5 Miles of Hell on your bucket list?  Red Bull Romaniacs or Red Bull TKO? 

This course is designed to encompass everything from the fundamentals of precise bike control (throttle, clutch, & brakes) to the development of skills and techniques needed to conquer the roughest terrain and challenges.  This requires a lot of time, dedication, and practice!


This course will prepare you for navigating a typical Hare Scramble race.

Emphasis will be on standing and sitting body positioning, cornering, braking, navigating climbs, and descents. As with all the courses, we will start with fundamentals of throttle, clutch, and brake control. Many riders think they don’t need to learn these basics, when in fact, they do.


This course will prepare you for Cross Country Style Riding

Cross Country enduro riding is similar to the hare scrambles. The primary differences between Cross Country and Hare Scrambles are the difficulty level and race or riding distance.

Training for Cross Country with Peter will focus on energy saving riding styles while perfecting basic rider skills and dirt bike setup. 


Peter Murray Moto School10
Adventure Bike Rider pulling a wheelie


Are you yearning for the road less traveled?  Is the Continental Divide Trail or Backcountry Discovery Route (BDR) on your bucket list? 

This course is designed for the rider who is making the decision to venture into the world of dirt on an adventure bike.  ADV bikes are big and heavy.  They require a different skill set than riding on the street.  This course will cover bike handling skills, bike setup, proper gear to wear, tools to carry, and really good advice on the reality of riding off road with a heavy machine.  


There is a reason why dual sport is becoming so popular. 

It allows you to cover reasonable distances on tarmac and then explore amazing places only seen off road. 
These machines blur the lines between ADV and dirt bikes when it comes to weight and capabilities.  They can go further off the beaten path than adventure bikes, but still require good bike handling skills and sensibility to navigate off road safely. 

As with ADV, this class of bike also warrants being equipped with tools, tire repair kit, air pump, and possibly spare fuel to get you home.  This course will cover real world bike handling skills, bike prep, and proper gear to wear from mellow to hardcore dual sport riding.  
Peter Murray Moto School3


I call this the jazz of motorcycling.  The pros make it look so easy. 

This course will cover skills and techniques for beginner to intermediate trials riding.  Balance, body positioning, throttle, clutch, and brake control will be covered to help you navigate terrain and obstacles you didn’t think you could do before. It will change your life.  I’ve been a fan of trials since I was a child in Germany.  It’s a fun and fascinating type of riding that will do more to sharpen your riding skills than anything else.  I promise!  


Which boots should you wear on a motorcycle?

This article is a discussion on what type of boots to wear for off road motorcycle riding. The primary focus is on safety, not comfort. If you’ve ever injured your foot to where you were not able to walk on it, then you will understand where I’m coming from..