august, 2022

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22aug3:00 pm5:00 pmHow to do a pivot turnLearn how to do a pivot turn3:00 pm - 5:00 pm View in my time Event Organized By: Peter Murray Emma Long Metro Park Motorcycle Trails - Austin, Texas, 7552 Oak Shores Dr, Austin, TX 78730

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Everyone wants to learn how to do this, right? This class will go over the details and technique. It’s a maneuver I teach in my advanced level classes, so it’s important to have good clutch and throttle control. The pivot turn is not a riding skill, but rather falls in the category of skills used to turn around in a tight situation or getting unstuck. This is first and foremost a practical skill to have, but looks cool too. It’s also very fun!

Note: This class will involve stalling and starting your engine many times as well as raise the coolant temperature in your engine. We will take breaks to ride the bikes to recharge the batteries a bit and get airflow through the radiators. We will also take rider breaks because you will get tired. As with all my classes (starting with level 2), you will be challenged, learn cool stuff, and I will wear you out!

This is a 4 hour group course. Minimum of 3 riders required. Bring your friends!

To schedule a one on one training session, email us at:

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Peter Murray