august, 2022

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13aug11:00 amLevel 2 - Foundations of good ridinglearn how to operate dirt bike in 3 hours11:00 am View in my time Event Organized By: Peter Murray Emma Long Metro Park Motorcycle Trails - Austin, Texas, 7552 Oak Shores Dr, Austin, TX 78730

Event Details

This course gets you started off on the right foot if you’re a beginner and puts you back on the right foot if you’ve been riding for years. You will learn the super important basic skills that are often missed when new riders just “get on the bike and manage to ride it”. I start by inspecting your bike and go over proper setup with you. I have found that most bikes are in need of some adjustments to optimize your being at one with the machine and are then able to perform fine clutch, throttle, and brake control. I will go over body positioning for acceleration, shifting, braking, & cornering. I will go over when to sit and when to stand. I will cover what fingers to use on the brake and clutch levers depending what the trail throws at you. I will answer any questions you may have on protective gear for you and your bike, tire choices, air pressures to run, the advantages/disadvantages of running tubes, tubeless, or bib mousses, etc. Everyone wants to do pivot turns and ride up or down steep ledges with ease. It all starts here with a solid foundation. I have found that riders who have many years of experience are challenged in this course and learn a lot. I hear things like “This is cool! I never knew that!” and “This is not as easy as it looks.” all the time. This course will put you on the path to having full control of your bike and having the skills to learn the really cool stuff in a safe manner.

This is a 4 hour group course. Minimum of 3 riders required. Bring your friends!

To schedule a one on one training session, email us at:

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Peter Murray