august, 2022

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20aug11:00 amLevel 3 - Intermediatelearn how to operate dirt bike in 3 hours11:00 am View in my time Event Organized By: Peter Murray Emma Long Metro Park Motorcycle Trails - Austin, Texas, 7552 Oak Shores Dr, Austin, TX 78730

Event Details

This course builds on the Level 2 course. We start by doing a quick recap of Level 2 to be sure you’re ready to progress to the next level. We will work on higher speed weight shifting for riding on trails as well as slower turning and balance drills. These drills are critical to real world riding, keeping your feet on the pegs to be balanced and setup for obstacles and trail conditions. We will also work on carefully designed step by step procedures for lifting the front wheel. Yes, the wheelie. The goal is to be able to do it safely. The key is to be in full control and comfortable. You will learn how to use the suspension to do most of the work as well as how to use the rear brake to keep from going over backwards (our biggest fear). This is the beginning of learning how to go up or down ledges and ride over logs with confidence. We will also cover the techniques for riding on off camber hills as well as going up and down steep hills. These are critical for finding traction where can get it and using the right amount of momentum.

Note: This course is physically demanding, especially on the legs. Fitness is key for off road riding. If you have a bicycle, ride it. Mtn bike? Even better!

This is a 4 hour group course. Minimum of 3 riders required. Bring your friends!

To schedule a one on one training session, email us at:

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Peter Murray